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Our Original Canopy tour in Guanacaste features eleven (11) Zip Line Cables, three (3) Hanging Bridges and two (2) Resting Stations with Water.


Experience the Extreme with three (3) Superman Zip Line cables, Rappeling and a Tarzan Swing through the trees.

Beach & Mountain Trails


Explore the coast of Guanacaste through the mountains or beaches on our 2- or 4-hour ATV rides


Adults and Child ATV's Available for the whole family to have fun on our farm trails.

Take horses through the country.


Horseback Riding through our trails will show you the beauty and nature of the Guanacaste region along the Pacific Ocean. Join us for a 1- or 2-hour ride available everyday day starting at 8am.

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See our family of Costa Rican Animals


In additional to our horses and the wild monkeys in the trees throughout the park, our Animal Sanctuary features the three most populous monkey families; White Faced Monkey, Spider Monkey and the loudest of them all, the Howler Monkey. We also have many more species of Snakes, Parrots, Sheep and more...

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Congo Trail Favorites in One Package!


Family fun is always the best way to enjoy Costa Rica. With our Family Pack, you can experience ATV's for Ages stating at 5 years old, horseback Riding, Zip Lining and our Animal Sanctuary. This 3.5 hour tour will give you a little bit of everything.

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